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Research Partners - R²T management
Name Research unit
Prof. dr. ir. Nico Boon's picture Prof. dr. ir. Nico Boon CMET Microbial ecology - Molecular microbial analysis - Bioremediation, bioaugmentation - Microbial Resource Management and Engineering
Prof. dr. ir. Bart De Gusseme's picture Prof. dr. ir. Bart De Gusseme CMET Drinking and process water technology - Biological wastewater treatment including MBR - Microbial resource recovery - Membrane filtration processes including UF and RO
Prof. Dr. Ramon Ganigué's picture Prof. Dr. Ramon Ganigué CMET Biological wastewater treatment - Microbial resource recovery - Waste fermentation - Gas fermentation - Sewer corrosion control
Prof. dr. ir. Korneel Rabaey's picture Prof. dr. ir. Korneel Rabaey CMET Electrochemistry - Biological wastewater treatment - Wastewater treatment - Anaerobic digestion - Fermentation - Membrane electrolysis - Sulfide - Ammonia recovery
Prof. dr. ir. Siegfried E. Vlaeminck's picture Prof. dr. ir. Siegfried E. Vlaeminck CMET Resource-efficient microbial nutrient management for waste streams
Prof. dr. ir. Arne Verliefde's picture Prof. dr. ir. Arne Verliefde PaInT membranes - drinking and process water treatment - adsorption - filtration - energy and process optimisation
Prof. dr. ir. Ingmar Nopens's picture Prof. dr. ir. Ingmar Nopens BIOMATH Model-based process analysis - Model-based procesess optimisation - Biokinetic modelling - Computational Fluid Dynamics - Population Balance Modelling
Prof. dr. ir. Steven De Meester's picture Prof. dr. ir. Steven De Meester LIWET sustainable design of production chains with a focus on purification of components out of complex streams - separation processes - chemical engineering - solvent management - pilot experiments - upscaling
Prof. Dr. Ir. Gijs Du Laing's picture Prof. Dr. Ir. Gijs Du Laing Ecochem Agrochemistry - Environmental (bio)technology - Applied Analytical & Environmental chemistry - Trace elements - Sorption / Leaching - Recovery / Recycling - Biofortification

Daily operations

Daily operations
Dr. Jan B. A. Arends's picture Dr. Jan B. A. Arends Consortium manager
Dr. ir. Simon De Corte's picture Dr. ir. Simon De Corte Project call notification and support
Dr. Bart KS Hommez's picture Dr. Bart KS Hommez Business Development and Contracting
Tim Lacoere's picture Tim Lacoere Web developer