R²T is a strategic partnership, which means longer term collaboration (>5j) and shared benefits are aimed for. The membership comprises mutual commitment of both the involved UGent partners and the member companies.

What are potential benefits for industry members?

  • First-line opportunity to participate in or develop (large) precompetitive research projects (PhD/national/EU funding) and international exposure in these projects
  • First-line opportunity to develop and participate in valorization projects (usually at higher technology readiness level and with less parties involved)
  • Competitive benefit through innovation, learning and exploration of new market opportunities
  • Access to a webplatform, exclusively accessible for members, containing publications, conference proceedings, research project information, technical notes and video recordings of conference contributions and internal seminars
  • Lifelong learning via webcasts (internal and external seminar presentations), course material and live events
  • A staff member to interact exclusively with industry partners, answer questions and concerns and facilitate project definition
  • Opportunities to recruit good engineers via interaction with MSc students and PhD/postdoc researchers
  • Access to non-confidential research data prior to publication
  • Access for 2 staff members to the annual showcase, which consists of a full day presentation of research activities and upcoming projects
  • Access for 2 staff members to thematic events (ca 2/y) to discuss research status, needs and opportunities
  • Possibility to propose 1 master thesis topic per year for which an adequate student will be sought (succes ratio 85%)
  • Possibility to propose 1 internship position per year at the company, supporting the company with analytical or other tasks
  • Opportunity to impact the research agenda and education of engineers (increasing employability)
  • Representation in European technology platforms WssTp and EIP water via R2T.

What is expected from industry members?

  • The above list are "potential" benefits. The more involvement a partner shows, the more beneficial membership will become.
  • Members must share the R2T vision and values
  • Feedback on ongoing and future research initiatives
  • Payment of an annual membership fee
  • Attendance of 1 representative of the company in the annual advisory board meeting of the consortium
  • Attendance at annual showcases and thematic events
  • Participation in research projects with R2T researchers, in-kind support during projects where possible and support during project applications
  • A preferred partnership for R²T researchers in projects within the scope of the platform, as defined above
  • Participation in educational activities, which may involve internships, master thesis support, guest lectures in undergraduate and graduate teaching where possible and desired, access to facilities where appropriate

Interested? Please, contact us for complementary information!